Who We Are and What We Do

We enhance the appearance and beauty of the Coupeville community and promote interest, understanding, education and participation in horticulture.

The Coupeville Garden Club was formed on April 13, 1961 with 28 persons attending. The first year was spent in organizational work, joining the Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs and commencing work on the club's first beautification project - the plantings at the West Coast Telephone Building on the corner of North Main and Coveland Streets.

Today the garden club meets the first Thursday of the month at 9:30 am at the Coupeville Recreation Hall with many work parties happening on Tuesdays. We help keep Coupeville looking beautiful by landscaping Cooks Corner, Coupeville Recreation Hall, place and maintain barrels full of flowers throughout the city, maintain the "Welcome to Coupeville" signs, grow and sell plants for the community, etc. If you have questions about the Coupeville Garden Club or would like to join, emailĀ info@coupevillegardenclub.org.