2020 Plant List

Agastache (Arizona Sun) Perennial Flowering
Aloe Vera House Plant Foliage
Anagallis (Skylover) Blue Pimpernel Annual Flowering
Bee Balm, red (monarda) Perennial Flowering
Black Mondo Grass Perennial Foliage
Brunnera (Jack Frost) Perennial Foliage/Flower
Candytuft, white Perennial Flowering
Canna (Cannova Bronze Scarlet) Rhizome Flowering
Cape Fuchsia, yellow (phygelius) Perennial Flowering
Astilbe chinensis (Taquetii) Perennial Flowering
Bamboo, Tall clumping variety Perennial Grass
Bergenia (aka pigsqueak) Perennial Flowering
Carex (Red Rooster) Perennial Grass
Centranthus ruber, Red Valerian Perennial Flowering
Coleus (Wizard Golden) Annual Foliage
Columbine (Kirigami Red & White) Perennial Flowering
Coreopsis (Zagreb) Perennial Flowering
Cosmos (Cupcake) Annual Flowering
Creeping Jenny Aurea Gold (Lysmachia) Perennial Ground Cover
Creeping Jenny green (Lysmachia) Perennial Ground Cover
Crocosmia (Lucifer) Corms Flowering
Crocosmia Mixed -red, yellow, orange mixed Corms Flowering
Dahlia (Alfred Grille) - cactus Tuber Flowering
Dahlia (Franz Kafka) - pompon Tuber Flowering
Dahlia (Kelvin Floodlight) - dinnerplate Tuber Flowering
Dahlia (Lady Darlene) -decorative Tuber Flowering
Dahlia (Lavender Perfection) - dinnerplate Tuber Flowering
Dahlia (Lilac Bull) - decorative Tuber Flowering
Dahlia (Mingus Alex) - dinnerplate Tuber Flowering
Dahlia (Thomas Edison) - decorative Tuber Flowering
Dahlia (Trooper Dan) - semi-cactus Tuber Flowering
Dahlia (Tsuki-Yori-No-Shisha) - laciniated Tuber Flowering
Dahlia (White Perfection) - dinnerplate Tuber Flowering
Dahlia (Yellow Star) - Cactus Tuber Flowering
Currant flowering (Pokey's Pink) Shrub Flowering
Daisy, Shasta (Aglaia) (frilly blooms) Perennial Flowering
Dianthus, Star Single (Neon Star) Perennial Flowering
Euphorbia (Galaxy Glow) Perennial Foliage/Flower
Euphorbia (Glacier Blue) Perennial Foliage/Flower
Fern Asplenium (Hart's Tongue) Perennial Foliage
Fern Dryopteris (Brilliance) Perennial Foliage
Fern Himilayan Maidenhair Perennial Foliage
Foxglove, common Biennial/reseeds Flowering
  Fuchsia, Hardy red Shrub Flowering
Fuchsia trailing (Swing Time) Annual Flowering
Geranium, Red/Orange Annual Flowering
Geranium, Pink (various) Annual Flowering
Geranium, Pink/White Double Annual Flowering
Geranium, Light Pink/Apricot Annual Flowering
Geranium, White Annual Flowering
Geranium, Purple Annual Flowering
Geranium, Fancy Vancouver Centennial Annual Flowering
Geranium, Stellar Vectis Glitter (white/pink) Annual Flowering
Germander (teucrium chamaedris) Perennial Flowering
Geum (Blazing Sunset) Perennial Flowering
Globe Thistle (Blue Glow) Perennial Flowering
Grass (Blue Fescue) Perennial Grass
Grass (Miscanthus)
You can view this at the Welcome to Coupevelle sign in the side barrels.
Perennial Grass
Grass, Mexican Feather Perennial Grass
Hebe (Red Edge) Perennial Shrub
Honeywort (Purple Belle) (cerinthe major) Annual Flowering
Hosta Varigated Perennial Foliage
Hosta Solid Green Perennial Foliage
Iris, Siberian - blue Rhizomes Flowering
Iris, Siberian - pink-purple Rhizomes Flowering
Isotoma fluviatilis (Blue Star Creeper) Perennial Ground Cover
Kenilworth Ivy (cymbalaria) Perennial Ground Cover
Lady's Mantle (alchemilla mollis) Perennial Ground Cover
Lamium (White Nancy) Perennial Ground Cover
Lily, Calla white Bulb Flowering
Lonicera, green shrub Honeysuckle Shrub Foliage
Nepeta Catmint Perennial Flowering
Osteospermum, Serenity Bronze Annual Flowering
Lonicera, green shrub Honeysuckle Shrub Foliage
Mock Orange, native Shrub Flowering
Origanum (Amethyst Falls) Perennial Flowering
Penstemon (Thorn) Perennial Flowering

Peony (Bartzella)

Tuber Flowering

Peony (Celebrity)

Tuber Flowering

Peony (Coral Sunset)

Tuber Flowering

Peony (Do Tell)

Tuber Flowering
Petunia (Celebrity Burgundy) Annual Flowering
Petunia (Double Cascade Orchid Mist) Annual Flowering
Petunia (Aladdin Nautical Mix) (blues) Annual Flowering
Pink Naked Lady (amaryllis belladonna) Bulb Flowering
Rock Cress, purple (aubrieta) Perennial Fl/Ground Cov
Rudbeckia (Gloriosa Daisy) Perennial Flowering
Rudbeckia (Cherry Brandy) Annual Flowering
Rush, (Blue Elk) (Juncus patens) Perennial Grass
Russian Sage (coming out of dormancy) Perennial Flowering
Salvia coccinea (Coral Nymph) Annual Flowering
Salvia herbaceous (Embers Wish) Tender Perennial Flowering
Salvia microphylla (Hot Lips) Perennial/Shrub Flowering
Salvia nemarosa (Caradonna) Perennial Flowering
Salvia officinalis (Purple Sage) Perennial Foliage/Flower
Sarcococca ruscifolia Sweetbox Shrub Foliage
Scabiosa (Fama Deep Blue) Perennial Flowering
Schizostylis coccinea, Crimson Flag Rhizome Flowering
Sedum stonecrop - green with white blooms Perennial Ground Cover
Selanginella krauss (Aurea) gold spikemoss Perennial Ground Cover
Sempervivum, green (Hen and Chicks) Perennial Sedum
Sempervivum (Ruby Heart) (Hen and Chicks) Perennial Sedum
Sempervivum (Silver King) (Hen and Chicks) Perennial Sedum
Sunflower, Evening Sun Mix, several in pot Annual Flowering
Sunflower, dwarf (Teddy Bear) Annual Flowering
Sweet Woodruff (galium odoratum) Perennial
Tithonia (Torch) Mexican Sunflower Annual Flowering
Verbena bonariensis (tall, purple) Perennial Flowering
Wallflower Siberian orange (cheiranthus) Perennial Flowering
Wallflower (Sugar Rush) purple bi-color Perennial Flowering
Yarrow (Moonshine) yellow Perennial Flowering
Zebra Plant (haworthia) Perennial House Plant